Art has played a central role in our lives since we, Bettina and Michelle, were young kids. We can thank our parents for that. Back in the ‘60s, we would observe them at auctions, see them meeting artists and working with art professionals. It was here they showed us how art bridges cultures and brings people together.

At Upstart Modern, our goal is to connect you with art that means something to you, as well as with artists you might not otherwise know. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or new to the market, working with a large budget or just getting your feet wet, we’d love to talk with you!

We’ve got a great read on the market and connections with artists, galleries and dealers, Thanks to this, we’ve built an advisory focused on bringing the joy of introducing art and its stories into our clients' lives.



Our Background and Experience



Bettina spent over 15 years in advertising and online marketing, ideal experience for the current marketplace of purchasing and selling art. She’s worked on the gallery side and served for six years as a board member for Headlands Center for the Arts. Here, she came to understand all facets of the market.  Bettina also serves as a docent at di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, where she educates the public on their prominent regional collection. Specializing in Visual Thinking Strategies, she works with students, individuals, and corporate clients. Email her if you'd like to learn more!



Michelle completed the Sotheby's Fine Arts program in New York and has been an interior designer in Chicago for more than 15 years. She works with clients throughout the US and is a key advisor and connection in the Windy City.


If you'd like to learn more about our services, reach out to us.


It’s hard to remember what life was like as an artist before collaborating with Upstart Modern. I now have a partner who helps in every aspect of my business. From pricing to gallery relations, art fairs to commissions, I don’t make any decisions without consulting with Bettina.
— Michael Cutlip, Artist
I know what I like, but it’s been hard to find the right piece of art for our home.  Bettina showed me new artists and we found pieces that matched my interests and were able to purchase confidently without feeling pushed.
— Client, San Francisco