Maggie Meiners

Transcendental Meditation is a technique for detaching oneself from anxiety and promoting harmony and self-realization by meditation and repetition of a mantra.  Conscious States is a visual representation of my mind as it transcends from a waking state into the 4th level of consciousness-- which is often considered to be a dreamlike state.  During Transcendental Consciousness, the experience of transcending—allows the mind to settle down deep inside. The awareness becomes increasingly quiet—experiencing thought at increasingly subtle levels—until at last the mind transcends thought altogether. It remains wide awake, but undisturbed by even the faintest activity of thought. This is a state of restful alertness, of inner peace—the experience of Transcendental Consciousness.


The references to the landscapes and nature within the images represent the physicality of place and refuge while the circles, varying in color and size are representatives of my mind’s flow from one state of consciousness to the next.  Though randomly ordered at the beginning and end, through the middle the circles find their way into design like pattern reflecting the ability meditation has to order one’s mind and thus, create an intense mind body connection. The landscapes images I used were taken in various places that have provided a sense of grounding and the circle images come from another body of work called, Transformations, in which I used in camera manipulation as I photographed trees, leaves, and flowers.


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