Marjorie Salvaterra

“ After I had made my first few photos in this series, I was sure people would think I was crazy.  They are surreal and I thought I was the only one in the world who felt the way I did.  But when I started showing them to others, I was stunned by the reaction-- so many people could identify!  It seems like we all go through the same emotions, feelings, struggles, dreams and yet alone, in our own heads.  So the struggles are individual but at the same time universal. 

This duality between alone and together was really brought out in the making of the series.  In bringing together all these women to make my photographs, we were able to let go and connect with each other.  I mean when someone arrives to the beach at 6AM and walks into the ice-cold ocean for you before they've even had a cup of coffee or lays naked in the grass and ends up with a rash for a week-- that's when you know you have a true friend.

More of her interview on LensCulture is here:  
Pop-Up Show in San Francisco, October, 2018!


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