Maura Segal

Maura began her career as a graphic designer, working in clothing and lighting design.  Since then, she's tapped in to her talents and desire to be a full time artist.  Her work is multi-layered, beginning with cut pieces developing a foundation.  She builds upon the intricate layers adding whimsical threads of paper lines and painted connections.  Inspired by the urban landscape, her work is a reflection of the roads and connections of Los Angeles.


Artist Interview:

What is currently inspiring you? *

I am deeply inspired by the Los Angeles surrounding landscape and way of life. From the sun-drenched hues of the southern California palette to the endless network of intertwining urban roads and intersections.

Can you tell us about your process? *

I begin with creating free-form geometric shapes out of paper, that I adhere to the canvas that form a rhythm. Then I paint the canvas with acrylic. After, I thinly hand-cut papers to form the swirls and then, depending on the artwork, I paint a few parallel or interconnected lines in acrylic paint as the top layer.

What would you like us to know about your work? *

When I paint, I feel a tremendous sense of optimism and inner peace. I always hope that my art will radiate these feelings.

Tell us about your use of color. How does color influence your work? *

Option 1

Is there specific type of music you listen to when working? *

I only listen to audio books and podcasts while working. Murakami's Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was one of my favorite audiobooks and Modern Love is one of my favorite podcasts.

If you could meet one artist (alive or deceased) who would that be? *

Beatriz Milhazes

What is your greatest extravagance at the moment? *

My time and to be able to choose how I spend it.

What's next for you? *

Playing more with the use of different colors and tones. I feel I haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to color.


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