Susan Washington

  • Tell us about your background, how did you get started?

    As a child I was surrounded by art. My dad was an artist. My Japanese God mother was an artist. Growing up in Brooklyn we had a tatami room and I would sit and watch them paint with Sumi-e and watercolor. They would teach me how to paint and they would give me origami papers to play with. I would love to sit and rip them up and glue them onto rice paper to make something new. That’s where it all started. Art was always a big part of my life, whether it was creating a painting, a collage or being creative in the fashion industry where I worked for 15 years. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I really started to follow the path. He was a painter/photographer living in London and after he relocated to the US, we got married and he encouraged me to begin painting again. A local gallery owner asked me to exhibit one of my paintings and it sold the next day. The second painting sold almost as quickly. Those first sales made me think about the possibility of a career as an artist. I decided to enroll in art college but dropped out after 2 years because I started selling so much work I had no time for study.

  • Was there someone who influenced you early on?

    I’d say the most influential person has been my husband. He has really helped me to grow and develop as an artist by encouraging and pushing me to continue, through all the self-doubt and artistic despair and the several times I’ve thrown all my art in the garbage! He’s provided me with the harshest of critique and the most amazing encouragement to push through the growth spurts of my painting and collage. He stayed around while I cried for hours looking at a Rauschenberg in NYC and a Cy Twombly in Philly and then would engage in a lengthy discussion with me about what moved me and how the artist had organized and executed the piece.   More


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